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  • No Woman’s Land: Female Cab Drivers On Indian Roads

    [By Pallavi Bansal] The traditional taxis have always remained heavily male-dominated, but female drivers have always posed a serious threat to the long-established ideas of patriarchy and masculinity. “If you are driving, I need to check my insurance,” “Will you be able to reverse the car? And what about parking? Do you need me to […]

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  • Savari: Sharing more than a ride

    [By Sai Amulya Komarraju] Picture this: 9 women cramped into an auto (three-wheeler vehicle in India), taking a savari (‘ride’ in Hindi) to their workplace. Two women in saris on either side of the autowallah (driver), three on the seat at the rear actually meant for people to occupy, three on the little wooden slab […]

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