Digital Creativity in the Global South

EUR and global design companies funded collaboration (2022)

This research project aims to unpack what constitutes as digital creativity in the Global South, with a focus on Gen Z populations (18-25 years) from resource constrained contexts in India. The goal is to critically assess the shifts in how creativity is defined, being learnt, and perhaps even monetized among these youth. We delved deeper into what kinds of content do youth aspire to make and why and the choice of design tools in enabling their aspirational creations. The Global South have been long overlooked in the creative industries or typically framed as imitative cultures. We partnered with global design tech companies to make creative tools accessible and inclusive to populations beyond traditional design communities. This project focused on new users coming online in a quest to participate in the global online community through creative expression. Through semi-structured interviews with 30 Gen Z people including influencers, creative micro-entrepreneurs, artisanal communities, aspiring designers, small businesses, workshop series in schools, and an Instagram Masterclass with an influencer on ‘Hacking Creativity,’ we gained insights on the future of creativity and provided guidelines on inclusive design.

Select Outputs

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