Audio-visual thought triggers

Payal Arora on the show ‘What’s NEXT’ a new digital format to shift perspectives on digital business from around the globe. She talked about “unchaining the human in the global value chain”: How can we change the direction of the future of work that currently moves toward the lowest common denominator and tests our current humanity code?

Sept 1, 2020: How do you have a ‘Self-Reliant’ India if you don’t invest in your people? What is the economy of care and how can that help us rethink the labor-employer relations? How can companies shift their hiring practices, where labor becomes a human asset and ‘wealth’ of the nation through up-skilling, and lifelong learning. Payal Arora explores this conversation on the ‘Her Stories’ show with by Richa Joshi Pandey.

July 29: In the MindGroomers webinar with Aurangzeb Soharwardi, Payal Arora talks about what is digital anthropology and why it matters more so in understanding the digital behaviors and lives of the marginalized majority, including low income women workers.

July 6, 2020: On the FES Global Webinar “The Digital Economy in Asia: Feminist Perspectives”, Payal Arora provides a feminist perspective on how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is impacting the present and future of women’s work in Asian economies. The webinar was part of the regional project “Women and the future of work in Asia”.

May 4, 2020: How do female workers in India and Bangladesh organize themselves through digital media? Payal Arora and Usha Raman describe the approach of FemLab.Co for the Women, Work, and the Gig Economy initiative by the JustJobs Network (JJN).