Research Papers

(In Contract). FemWork: Pathways to Inclusive Labor. (Payal Arora, Usha Raman, & René König). Open Access book with Amsterdam University Press.

(In review). Can researchers be apolitical? (René König , Payal Arora, & Usha Raman.) In Mirko Tobias Schäfer, co-founder of the Utrecht Data School and Tracey P. Lauriault, Associate Professor at Carleton University (Eds) ‘Making a Difference: Novel Research Methods in the Datafied Society.’ Amsterdam University Press: Open access book.  

(In review): Workshops as co-designed practice (Siddharth Peter de Souza, Siddhi Gupta, Chinar Mehta, Payal Arora and Usha Raman) Design Issues

(Forth): Collectivisation by design: Shaping the future of work through a feminist framework (Mehta, C, Arora, P; Raman, U.): Chapter in The SAGE Handbook of Human-Machine Communication

(Forth): Feminist approaches to designing location-based platforms in India (Bansal, P & Arora, P): Chapter in Palgrave: Platformization and Informality

(2022): Fair Work, Feminist Design and Women’s Labor Collectives (Arora, P; & Raman, U.): Chapter in M.Graham and F. Ferrari ‘Digital Work in the Planetary Market’ MIT Press (open access)

(2021): Agency and servitude in platform labour (Sai Amulya Komarraju, Arora, P; Raman, U.): Special Issue ‘Reclaiming the human in machine cultures’ Media Culture & Society Journal

(2021): Special Issue on ‘Cross-cultural feminist technologies’ (blog) & full essay with Rumman Chowdhury, director of the Machine Learning Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability team at Twitter) Global Perspectives, UC Press

(2020): Feminist solidarity through mapping (Fem Map): (Juliana Guarany with Siddharth Peter de Souza) Chapter in ‘Crowdsourcing, Constructing & Collaborating: Methods and Social Impacts of Mapping the World Today’

(2020): Unchain the human in the Global Value Chain (Arora, P): Chapter in The Great Redesign

Media Articles

Masculinities and platform labor in India
Interview of Sai Amulya for /DigiLabour, 07-04-2022

The need for ‘techbridization’ in the digital platform economy
Op Ed by Pallavi Bansal for Times Of India (TOI), 07-12-2021

Obstacles remain for hiring women and minorities in India’s platform sector
Interview of Pallavi Bansal by PlatformsIntelligence, 03-12-2021

Will e-commerce revive Bangladesh’s artisanal economy?
Opinion piece by Upasana Bhattacharjee, Payal Arora, & Usha Raman, GlobalDev Blog, 08-11-2021

No Woman’s Land: Female Cab Drivers On Indian Roads
Opinion piece by Pallavi Bansal for Outlook magazine 3-08-2021

How creative design strategies help sustainability and inclusion
Interview of Payal Arora by Your Story, DesignUp Media Coverage 3-6-2021

Thoughts on the design of a fair society
Interview of Payal Arora by MASHING UP, a Japanese media platform 3-2-2021

From Unbanked to fully Digital: A look behind Bangladesh’s online money transfers (pages 28-29)
Essay by Mohammad Sahid Ullah for the Dhaka Courier, an Independent Newsweekly, 01.08.2020.

Where in India’s COVID-19 Response Is the Moral Compass That Guides Governance?
Essay by Usha Raman for the Science: The Wire, 01.08.2020.

Technology for a social cause: TikTok and Asia’s mobile-first nations
CoronaBrief Blog by Payal Arora for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 11.05.2020.

Digital justice for the next billion users
Interview with Payal Arora for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 24.03.2020.


Feminizing transactions: learning from the FemLab project. Keynote by Usha Raman at Digital Transactions in Asia IV. 10 Feb 2022

FemWork: Critical Pivot towards Design for Inclusive Labor Futures Keynote by Payal Arora for ACM CHI22 05.05.2022

Adobe Design Mix: AI and Creativity: How to build inclusive design. Talk by Payal Arora for Adobe India. 10.12.2021

Feminist tech and the future of work Keynote by Payal Arora for NetHope 20th Anniversary Global Summit Nov 18. 11. 2021

Designing for Work and Workers. Talk by Payal Arora for New School Parsons, New York. 04.11.2021

The Future of the Platform Economy and Platform Work PhD Symposium presentation by Pallavi Bansal. Dimmons Universitat Oberta de Catalunya & DigiLabour Research Lab 27.09.2021

‘AI for Law and Justice’ panel presentation with Amulya Sai and Siddharth deSouza, Sai University, 24.09.2021

Exploring everyday feminism in India presentation on by Sai Amulya Komarraju, Association of Indian Research Scholars (AIRS) 23.09.2021

Digital marginalization: A report card on the Internet as a public good. Panel presentation by Chinar Mehta. IdeoSync Media Combine 17.09.2021

Peace & Justice Cafe Keynote Launch on building care economies by Payal Arora & panel discussion with directors at Asser Institute, Clingendael Institute, and Leiden’s Center of Innovation. Hague Humanity Hub 15.06.2021

ICA ‘Rethinking borders and boundaries’ 2021: Talk by Usha Raman on ‘Platform work and the planetary economy: global design, local experience’ International Communication Association (ICA) 27.05.2021

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Symposium 2021: Talk by Payal Arora on ‘A feminist design manifesto for the future of work in the Global South’ University of Glasgow 26.05.2021

‘New Frontiers of Digital Governance’ Digital Pathways: Talk by Payal Arora on ‘Fair work, feminist design and women’s labour collectives in the digital age’ Oxford University 06.05.2021

Development & its Futures Istanbul2021 Innovation Days Plenary with Payal Arora, UNDP 24.03.2021

Feminist approaches to designing location-based platforms in India Talk by Pallavi Bansal at Etmaal2021 ‘Communication, Diversity, Democracy’ 04-02-2021

Women, Work, and Voice in the Gig Economy Arthan Future of Work Forum and Just Jobs Network with Payal Arora 16.12.2020

Exploring Democratizing the future of work: Feminist approaches to digital collectives Edge Session at Ministry of Change with Payal Arora, UNDP 27.10.2020

Data sovereignty and data colonialism Keynote Roundtable Panel with Payal Arora, Nick Couldry, Ralph Litzinger, Amir Anwar, London School of Economics, 02.09.2020

Unchain the human in the global value chain LIVE show with Payal Arora on Whats NEXT-Hamburg, 25.06.2020

Webinar on informal labour & platform economy with Payal Arora, Pondicherry University 12.06.2020

Deconstructing the Data Gaze Round table talk by Usha Raman, University of Hyderabad

The digital economy in Asia: feminist perspectives Webinar with Payal Arora organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 22.04.2020

Project events/Reports

JustJobs Network event with IDRC awardees: Women, Work, and the Gig Economy consortium 23.06.2022

FemLab ICA Panel (International Communication Association)/ Feminist Studies Division (Paris): Interfacing with informality: a decolonial feminist labour lexicon 26.05.2022

FemLab Symposium: Inclusive Work and the Platform Economy (April 19-22), 2022

Roundtable Collaboration with MICA: The School of Ideas (Ahmadabad): Platform economy, gendered informality, and the future of work 17: 01: 2022

FemLab Stakeholder Report 2020: Connecting the Informal: Stakeholder Mapping of Informal Women workers in India and Bangladesh

FemLab Conversation with Elisa Oreglia, 14.01.2021

Virtual project meeting on stakeholder mapping, 04.06.2020

FemLab Conversation with Farzana Nawaz, 08.05.2020

Project launch
27-29.01.2020, University of Hyderabad
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