Research Papers

(2020): Feminist solidarity through mapping (Fem Map): (Juliana Guarany with Siddharth Peter de Souza) Chapter in ‘Crowdsourcing, Constructing & Collaborating: Methods and Social Impacts of Mapping the World Today’

(2020): Unchain the human in the Global Value Chain (Arora, P): Chapter in The Great Redesign

(In process): Agency and servitude in platform labour (Sai Amulya Komarraju, Arora, P; Raman, U.): Special Issue ‘Reclaiming the human in machine cultures’ Media Culture & Society Journal

(In review): Feminist approaches to designing location-based platforms in India (Bansal, P & Arora, P): Chapter in Platformization and Informality: Pathways of Change, Alteration, and Transformation. 

(In review): Collectivisation by design: Shaping the future of work through a feminist framework (Mehta, C, Arora, P; Raman, U.): Chapter in The SAGE Handbook of Human-Machine Communication

Media Articles

From Unbanked to fully Digital: A look behind Bangladesh’s online money transfers (pages 28-29)
Essay by Mohammad Sahid Ullah for the Dhaka Courier, an Independent Newsweekly, 01.08.2020.

Where in India’s COVID-19 Response Is the Moral Compass That Guides Governance?
Essay by Usha Raman for the Science: The Wire, 01.08.2020.

Technology for a social cause: TikTok and Asia’s mobile-first nations
CoronaBrief Blog by Payal Arora for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 11.05.2020.

Digital justice for the next billion users
Interview with Payal Arora for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 24.03.2020.


Feminist approaches to designing location-based platforms in India Talk by Pallavi Bansal at Etmaal2021 ‘Communication, Diversity, Democracy’ 04-02-2021

Women, Work, and Voice in the Gig Economy Arthan Future of Work Forum and Just Jobs Network with Payal Arora 16.12.2020

Exploring Democratizing the future of work: Feminist approaches to digital collectives Edge Session at Ministry of Change with Payal Arora, UNDP 27.10.2020

Data sovereignty and data colonialism Keynote Roundtable Panel with Payal Arora, Nick Couldry, Ralph Litzinger, Amir Anwar, London School of Economics, 02.09.2020

Unchain the human in the global value chain LIVE show with Payal Arora on Whats NEXT-Hamburg, 25.06.2020

Webinar on informal labour & platform economy with Payal Arora, Pondicherry University 12.06.2020

Deconstructing the Data Gaze Round table talk by Usha Raman, University of Hyderabad

The digital economy in Asia: feminist perspectives Webinar with Payal Arora organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 22.04.2020


FemLab Conversation with Elisa Oreglia, 14.01.2021

Virtual project meeting on stakeholder mapping, 04.06.2020

FemLab Conversation with Farzana Nawaz, 08.05.2020

Project launch
27-29.01.2020, University of Hyderabad
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