Building Labor Futures: Workshop Retreat

Date: March 9-10, 2023
Location: Landgoed ISVW, Leusden, The Netherlands

This workshop builds on the NEW BOOK
Feminist Futures of Work: Reimagining Labour in the Digital Economy
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This workshop retreat brings together diverse sectoral and international participants including designers, artists, scholars, NGOs, activists and think tanks to engage creatively and deeply on how to build policies, designs, and immersive storytelling campaigns that put the marginalized global worker at the center. We will jointly work on building what we call “FemWork” principles and how this could translate to practical outcomes including toolkits, creative campaigns, publications, proposals, and other such synergies.


Payal Arora
Erasmus University

Payal Arora is a Professor and Chair in Tech, Values, and Global Media Cultures and the co-founder of FemLab. Her expertise lies in digital user experiences of marginalized groups in the Global South and how these insights can build inclusive designs for dignified work. She is the author of several books including The next billion users with Harvard Press.

Pallavi Bansal
Bennett University
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Pallavi Bansal is currently an Assistant Professor at Times School of Media, Bennett University. She is also pursuing a PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is a Researcher at Feminist Approaches to Labour Collectives (FemLab.Co). She holds an MSc in Media, Communication and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and has worked with the United Nations in Geneva and The Times of India in Delhi in the past. Her current research focuses on the Future of Work and feminist design of labor platforms.

Kate Boydell
Independent writer & adviser

Kate is a consultant and writer with 25 years’ experience using the power of strategic stories to help leaders, movements and organisations bring about systems change. She has a particular focus on the futures of work, healthcare and gender, and purpose-driven leadership. Kate is a partner in consultancy BusinessFourZero, Fellow of the RSA and Unreasonable Impact Mentor.

niels van doorn

Niels van Doorn is Associate Professor of New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. He is also the Principal Investigator of the ERC-funded Platform Labor research project, which examines how digital platforms are transforming labor and social reproduction in post-welfare cities.

Dawn Gearhart
National Domestic Workers Alliance

Dawn Gearhart is the Gig Economy Organizing Director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance. She began organizing gig workers in 2012. In her current role, she works to find innovative solutions to the social and economic issues impacting gig workers.

Daniel Greene
University of Maryland

Daniel Greene is an Assistant Professor of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. His ethnographic, historical, and theoretical research explores how the future of work is built and who is included in that future. He published his first book, The Promise of Access: Technology, Inequality, and the Political Economy of Hope, with MIT Press in 2021. It won the McGannon Award for the best book published in 2021 concerning media policy, activism, and social justice.

Siddhi Gupta
Justice Adda


Siddhi is a visual communication designer working at the intersection of culture, communication and education. She is the Design and Communications lead at Justice Adda.

Laura Herman
University of Oxford

Laura Herman is a Senior Research Lead at Adobe and an AHRC PhD Student at the University of Oxford’s Internet Institute. Her research at both institutions examines the impact of emerging technologies on creative practices and artistic work.


Sonia de Jager (Buenos Aires, 1988) is a PhD candidate working on Natural Language Processing at the Erasmus School of Philosophy. She also works as a theory tutor at the Willem de Kooning Academy’s Honours Programme, and is director of the multidisciplinary initiative Regenerative Feedback. More information:

Wakanyi Hoffman

Wakanyi Hoffman is a Communications Director at HumanityLink. She conducts research on indigenous and local knowledge systems and presents this data as essential to global humanitarian response data systems to enable local actors to take ownership of local humanitarian response. In particular, her work impacts marginalized voices such as women in indigenous communities who are the custodians of local knowledge.

Daniela Jaramillo-Dent
University of zurich

Daniela Jaramillo-Dent is Senior Research and Teaching Associate at the University of Zurich. Her research explores the mediated (self)representations of immigration considering othering, belonging, identity, and minority celebrity on TikTok and Instagram.

Sai Amulya Komarraju
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Sai Amulya Komarraju is an Assistant Professor in the Communications area at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Her current and past affiliations include Erasmus University Rotterdam, Centre for Development Management and Communication, MICA, FemLab, Southern Centre for Inequality Studies (University of Witwatersrand), and University of Hyderabad. Her wide-ranging research has been published in several international journals such as Feminist Media Studies & Media, Culture & Society.

Shruti Singhal
University of Hyderabad

Shruti Singhal is a content and communications professional with 8+ years of experience in writing, editing, and podcasting. She has edited four books, written thought leadership articles for experts in various fields, authored in-depth features, and undertaken end-to-end operations for two podcast series. She completed her Masters from the Department of Communication, University of Hyderabad, coordinated the IAMCR 2014 Conference in Hyderabad, India, and curated content for two UNICEF Projects in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana.

Shailoh Phillips
Studio Babel
University of Twente
Design Academy Eindhoven

Shailoh Phillips (they/she) is community organizer, artist, activist, researcher and educator working on self-organized platform coops and experimenting with ways of living a sustainable communal life in an emerging intersectional anti-colonial and post-extractive paradigm. Trained as an anthropologist and philosopher, she works on practicing theory and building alternative communities. Co-founder of and co-owner of

Manisha Pathak-Shelat

Prof. Manisha Pathak-Shelat is Professor, Communication & Digital Platforms and Strategies at MICA, Ahmedabad, India, chairs MICA’s Centre for Development Management and Communication and is the Editor of the Journal of Creative Communications. Gender, digital cultures, and transcultural citizenship are her key areas of interest with connection to Future of Work. Her awards and fellowships include Shastri Indo-Canadian Faculty Research Award, The Salzburg Seminar Fellowship, TATA Fellowship for the Study of Contemporary India, MICA AGK Award for meritorious service, and the lifetime achievement award by the Global Media Education Council.

Sofia Beatriz Scasserra

Sofia Scasserra is a researcher at the Transnational Institute. She has been an advisor to the international trade union movement across South America in the future world of work debate. She specialices in the digital economy and society, with a special focus on digital trade.

Gea Meijers
Women In Development Europe+ (WIDE+)

Gea Meijers is coordinator at Women In Development Europe. She has been facilitating WIDE+’s work promoting a feminist lens on digital work, currently in the context of a new horizon consortium project FINDHR:

Paksy Plackis-Cheng
impactmania (CA, USA) & Staex GmbH (Germany)

Paksy Plackis-Cheng, Chief Strategy Officer, Staex – Founder, impactmania – U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy recipient, 15+ years executive management in (tech) companies incl. M&A and IPO. Building and collaborating w/ an extensive science, tech, and impact network; advising startups and organizations globally. Paksy has created award-winning programs covering and connecting people and projects that drive cultural, social, and economic impact. She has collaborated w/ nonprofits, global superbrands, media outlets, universities, a U.S. Consulate, and the United Nations. Erasmus University Rotterdam alumna!

Andrea Medrado
University of Westminster

Andrea Medrado is a Lecturer at the University of Westminster and the leader for the Cultural identities and Social Change research theme at the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI). Her connections to Future of Work include researching the everyday experiences of marginalised communities in the Global South as they engage with digital technologies. She also specialises in participatory and creative research methods.

Anand Sheombar
HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, NL

Anand Sheombar is a postdoc researcher & lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands. Pronouns he/him. Current research projects and interests are: 1) EOOH – development of a multilingual & multiplatform for online hate speech detection ; 2) African Digital Rights Network project on spyware and surveillance by governments; 3) Digital transformation of Development NGOs; 4) eHealth-related business models.

Anja Nezic
RNW Media

Anja Nezic is a Business Developer at RNW Media. Working on building fair, stable, and equal digital communities, and capacity strengthening.

Surabhi Srivastava
RNW Media

Surabhi Srivastava is Partnership Coordinator at RNW Media, working at the intersection of digital media and digital rights. My academic training is in social policy and I have a keen interest in how digital technology, especially AI, will influence, shape and challenge the future of work and labor in the coming decades.

René König
University of Stuttgart


René König is a PhD student at the University of Stuttgart. He is a sociologist interested in the co-evolution of internet and society and has worked in the field of Technology Assessment for over a decade. He is one of the editors of the FemWork book and the coordinator of this workshop. Previously he managed FemLab’s blog.

Usha Raman
University of Hyderabad


Usha Raman is a professor of media studies at the University of Hyderabad, where she teaches and researches in the areas of feminist media studies, digital cultures, and science and health communication. She is co-founder of FemLab and currently is serving as Vice President of the International Association for Media and Communication Research.

Aditi Surie
Indian Institute for Human Settlements

Aditi Surie’s work examines platform capitalism, and livelihoods and economic progress for communities on technology-mediated markets in the global South. Surie is Senior Researcher at Indian Institute for Human Settlements.

Roel Lutkenhaus
New Momentum

Roel Lutkenhaus is the founder of New Momentum and studies societal undercurrents in digital media networks to develop, monitor and evaluate communication campaigns for social and behavioral change.

Zothan Mawii
University of Maryland

Zothan Mawii is a Ph.D. student at the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. Her research focuses on sociotechnical systems, labor, and social reproduction.

Siddharth de Souza
Justice Adda


Siddharth Peter de Souza is a post doctoral researcher at Tilburg Law School and the founder of Justice Adda.

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